Sophia Schwartz: Jack of All Trades

About Jack of All Trades

Sophia Schwartz's 2020 project “Jack of All Trades” was born from the desire to push herself in the mountains. Sophia has the most fun in the mountains when she feels like she is growing her ability level in all aspects of skiing and working alongside friends to develop new skillsets. Secondly, she realized a media project could be a pillar in her progression and help her develop a dependable support system to help her accomplish her goals, and keep her accountable.

So Sophia wrote down 3 big and diverse goals:

Jumping: Land a double backflip 

Mountaineering: Ski the Grand Teton 

Freeride:  Link-up the “Jackson Hole Trifecta” (3 technical ski lines in a single day) 

Each one was the real deal, daunting and inspiring. She knew whether she was able to succeed or not- the days working towards these goals would surely be the most fun of the season. 

We can’t wait to share the journey with you on November 11th! 

Produced By Josh Griffith / Storyboard Productions

Watch Jack of All Trades Below: