From beginners making their first turns in the snow, to young racers already whizzing through the forest of poles, to the next generation of freeriders and touring skiers - the new Fischer Junior ski boot collection offers the right footwear for everyone.

But what makes these boots so special?

The boots are specially adapted to the anatomical and athletic needs of young skiers so that nothing stands in the way of a great day on the mountain. Specially developed junior lasts ensure the perfect fit, the new aluminum buckles guarantee easy handling and the brand new junior inner shoes provide comfort and keep feet warm. With the ski boots from the Fischer Junior collection you catapult your skills to the next level.

About the Junior Boots

Our product manager Christoph Lentz gives you a more detailed look at the new junior boots line, going into more detail about the technical details, as well as the differences between each model. Interested? Then take a closer look at the video.

Ranger 70 JR

With the RANGER 70 JR, kids are always well equipped in every condition. The comfortable fit, playful flex, and true multifunctionality make this boot unique. A ski-walk mechanism and the Dynafit inserts allow a pleasant climb up the mountain. A brand-new liner completes the package by keeping the feet warm, and the GripWalk® outsoles make the walk to the lift as easy as possible. As one of very few options on the market, the Ranger 70 enables kids and young athletes to experience the beauty of ski touring, without having to use heavy inserts or boots lacking walk mode.

RC4 65 JR

Ambitious young skiers who like to race through the gates from time to time will find their perfect ski boot in the RC4 65 JR. The comfortable fit paired with a sporty flex guarantees top-performance in every situation on the piste. The alpine outsoles and micro-adjustable aluminum buckles further emphasize the performance of the RC4 65.

RC4 60 JR

The RC4 60 JR is the perfect choice for all superior young skiers who want to buzz down the slopes all day long. A comfortable fit combined with a playful flex and specifically developed aluminum buckles guarantee pure fun on the piste. A brand-new liner completes the package by keeping feet warm, and GripWalk® outsoles make the walk to the lift as easy as possible.

RC 50 JR

The RC4 50 JR is the first ever three-buckle ski boot in the FISCHER collection. Easy entry and exit, super comfortable fit, and stable performance across all piste-conditions make this the perfect entry-level ski boot for young skiers. A brand-new liner completes the package by keeping feet warm and GripWalk® outsoles make the walk to the lift as easy as possible.

Fischer Kids Boots

Fischer not only attaches great importance to good boots for young people, Fischer has also created groundbreaking innovations in children's ski boots with the ONE and TWO models. They will definitely facilitate and enrich the ski day for you and your youngest and make skiing more fun!

The Fischer One and Two are the perfect beginner's boot for the smallest of skiers. Specially developed for kids' very first time out on the snow, with a secure, comfortable fit, and minimal weight. The boot's stiffness is calibrated for kids' very light weight, giving beginners the exact right amount of support as they start to ski. Have a closer look at the ISPO-Award winning boots.