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Race like a pro

Fischer Skate skis are made for serious skiers ready to add a new technique onto their Classic skills or to improve their already-advanced skill level.


Comparing Skate and Classic skis

  • Both are equally good choices for fitness, outdoor enjoyment, or entering competitions. They are simply two different techniques requiring different ski designs.
  • Skate skis are shorter.
  • Skate skis have more flexed tension and are very torsionally rigid in order to more evenly transfer power and smoothly glide.
  • Skate ski tips are not as raised, especially on race skis.
  • Skate skis are more sensitive to temperature. For example, the Speedmax 3D Skate Cold Medium functions well at -2°C (28°F) and below, whereas the Carbonlite Skate Plus Medium is designed for -10°C (14°F) and above.


What to look for when buying Skate skis

Proper ski length is the important factor in finding the correct ski. Use the Fischer Product Finder to help you find the correct length ski for you. In general, if you find yourself choosing between two possible lengths, choose the shorter ski if you are not completely confident in your technique.


Skate ski boots and bindings

Skate boots typically have a stiffer sole than Classic boots, as pure power transfer is more important than flexibility.

Skate bindings are also constructed with harder rubber, so the ski stays closer to the foot when it is lifted off the snow. This keeps the ski in better position for the more exaggerated skate motion.

Fischer Skate skis offer tools-free adjustment and easy step-in so more of your time is spent skiing, not adjusting your gear.


Ski care

The base of your skis is constantly gliding through the snow or subjected to the added pressure of the kick phase. Regular waxing is important to maintain this high contact surface for consistent performance and to maintain the condition of your skis. Poorly waxed skis will grab the snow surface and slow you down. Some skis have been pre-treated with hot wax and infrared heating, so they are ready to go without an initial waxing.

Fischer racing models are constructed with the Gliding Sidewall design, which allows waxing of the vertical sides of the skis for that extra bit of friction reduction racers demand.


Be fast, be confident with Fischer

At Fischer our mission is to inspire cross-country skiers to fall in love with their sport and go beyond their current personal limits. We enable Skate skiers to enjoy their sport and excel to the next level by introducing the most innovative, reliable and easy to use products. Enjoy your cross-country training and racing to the maximum with Fischer.