Voluntary Product UPDATE Junior Alpine Ski Boots
(Delivery AFTER OCtober 2022)


In the course of routine quality assurance and control activities, it has become apparent to Fischer Sports GmbH that at Alpine ski boots from the RC4 Junior series, specifically the RC4 50, RC4 60, RC4 65 (delivered after October 2022), the cuff may rotate to the back and overcome the actual lock mechanism. After investigation we identified a weak point in the rear area which is the main reason for this unexpected issue. Due to this weak point the cuff can unexpectedly slip over the shell and rotate backwards. Affected are all sizes starting from size 21.5 – sizes 19.5 and 20.5 are not affected.

In case of a sudden and unexpected backward rotation of the cuff, the user is at risk of crash and injury. To eliminate safety risk to the user, Fischer is immediately recalling all mentioned RC4 Junior 50, 60 and 65 models in the affected sizes delivered to-date for a product update. Our high-quality standards and our sense of responsibility have prompted us to take a proactive approach with this recall for a product update to further ensure the quality of our products in every respect, and to rule out any safety risks.


  Art. No.  Model  Size 
U19023VRC4 50 JR GW RHINO GREY/RHINO GREY21.5 – 23.5
U19123VRC4 60 JR GW RHINO GREY/RHINO GREY21.5 – 27.5
U19223VRC4 60 JR GW SNOW/SNOW21.5 – 27.5
U19323VRC4 65 JR YELLOW/YELLOW21.5 – 27.5
U19523VRC4 50 JR GW SNOW/SNOW21.5 – 23.5


Boots at the consumer

Step 1

All consumers of the affected RC4 Junior ski boot models RC4 50, 60 and 65 in the affected sizes should immediately contact their respective dealer for the purpose of reworking/repairing the ski boots.


Step 2

The Junior ski boots will be updated by the dealer with a specific repair kit (art.no. U73624), which will be provided including an assembly guide free of charge by Fischer Sports. After the update the backward rotation of the cuff will not be possible anymore.


Step 3

After the product update the ski boots can be used again without any additional measures.

Boots at the dealer

All unsold RC4 Junior ski boot models RC4 50, 60 and 65 from dealer inventories must be repaired by the dealers with repair kits (art.no. U73624) provided including an assembly guide free of charge by Fischer Sports.


Any customer who is affected can obtain further information from

  • Email: servicecenter@fischersports.com
  • Info: www.fischersports.com