The new Aerolite models feature a wide range of skis...

...for anyone who wants to start cross-country skiing for fun and those ambitious to reach the next performance level. Thanks to the use of high-quality, durable ski cores based on Air Core Basalite, every Aerolite model instantly impresses with noticeable lightness both in hand and on snow. The new tip geometry is combined with proven bases, grinds, and sidecuts that have World Cup pedigrees. A specialized construction ensures high speeds and stability when gliding. Your progress is pre-programmed to excel with any Aerolite ski.

Aerolite Skate 90

The Aerolite Skate 90 is the new alternative to the World Cup models. If you want to improve your race performance, this extremely lightweight ski with Air Core Basalite Pro construction is ideal. The side shape, base, and grind are from the World Cup in combination with the stable construction. These features deliver high speed and stable steering characteristics when gliding. For a more precise ski selection, the skis are offered in two hardness classes.

Aerolite Skate 80

If you're looking for the perfect partner for your first ski marathon, you'll find it in the Aerolite Skate 80. The extremely lightweight ski with Air Core Basalite Pro construction impresses not only with its lightness but also with its stable steering characteristics when gliding. DTG WC Plus grind and World Cup Pro base also ensure top gliding properties in all snow conditions.

Aerolite Skate 70

The name says it all. With its extremely lightweight core, the Aerolite Skate 70 is race-ready and provides particularly smooth skating performance with stable guiding properties when gliding for racing beginners. Its very good gliding properties are thanks to Speed Grinding 2.0 and World Cup Pro base, making it the perfect ski in all conditions.

Aerolite Skate 60

Proven quality with a new look: The Aerolite Skate 60 shines thanks to its lightweight Air Core Basalite construction, Speed Grinding 2.0, and World Cup Pro base. With its weight advantage and excellent gliding properties, it the ideal entry-level skating ski.