Efficient forward

Feel the difference.

It has never been easier to focus more on enjoying a day skiing with family and friends and less on making your equipment work. The line-up of Efficient Forward skis are designed to provide a smooth, strong kick without requiring perfect technique. Offered in the XC-Line, where longer ski lengths maximize glide, and in the NC-Line, where shorter ski lengths improve control on the downhills. With Efficient Forward you’ll want to ski longer, further and more often. Experience it for yourself and feel the difference!

Superlite Crown EF

The lightweight Superlite Crown EF continues to be a favorite choice of skiers looking to take it to the next level. This Vario Crown ski has excellent grip in wide range of conditions, and Efficient Forward construction provides a smooth, strong, forgiving kick. Completeing the package is a race quality base and a Speed Grinding 2.0 finish for improved glide performance.

Overview Fitness XC line with Efficient Forward

Orbiter EF

Unmatched in performance, the Orbiter EF continues to be the lightest ski in the category. Now constructed with Efficient Forward for a smooth, strong, kick and a race quality base with Speed Grinding 2.0 to provide the perfect finish for excellent glide. 

Overview Fitness NC line with Efficient Forward