Fischer Sports GmbH is the global leader in Nordic skiing and one of the world's leading brands in Alpine skiing, known for innovation and cutting-edge technology. Fischer is also one of the biggest manufacturers of high-quality ice hockey sticks. Fischer’s vision is to be the winter athlete’s brand of choice through outstanding products, created for everlasting moments and new levels of individual performance. The privately held company employs 1.500 individuals who all share a passion for and dedication to winter sports. Fischer Sports GmbH was founded in 1924 in Ried im Innkreis, Austria, where the global headquarter is still located. Manufacturing takes place there and in Ukraine. ONE WAY, a world-famous brand with a special focus on poles for Nordic skiing, Alpine skiing and Nordic walking has likewise been part of Fischer Sports GmbH since May 2018. Löffler, part of the Fischer group, is also headquartered in Ried im Innkreis.


Löffler Premium Sportswear, integrated into the Fischer Sports Group since 1973, stands for functional sportswear of the highest quality. Innovation, function, and quality are the focus of the product assortment for endurance sports of every season. A big share of the sustainable products is manufactured according to certified ÖKO TEX 100 standards in Löffler's own knitting factory in Ried, Austria. Löffler FAIR SPORTSWEAR - premium quality from Austria.

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Company name:

Fischer Sports GmbH

Company site:

A-4910 Ried im Innkreis, Fischerstraße 8

Phone: +43 (0) 7752 / 909-0
Fax: +43 (0) 7752 / 83500

Business management:

Mag. Franz Föttinger, CEO
Mag. Christian Egger, CFO

Number of employees:

> 570 in Ried (AT)
> 900 at other locations


alpine skis, alpine bindings, alpine boots, cross country skis, cross country boots, cross country bindings, poles, jumping skis, accessories and hockey products



Fischer Sports Group
(business year 01.03.-28./29.02.)

2017|18: EUR 164,4 Mio.

2018|19: EUR 182,5 Mio.

2019|20: EUR 187,7 Mio.

2020|21: EUR 132,9 Mio.

2021|22: EUR 148,8 Mio.

Affiliated companies:

Fischer Deutschland GmbH (GER)
OOO Fischer Moskau (RUS)
Fischer Mukatschewo (UKR)
Fischer Skis US, LLC (USA)
Fischer Footwear SRL, Montebelluna (ITA)
Fischer France SARL (FRA)


As an Austrian family company, Fischer focuses on social, ecological and economic sustainability.

All buildings at the company headquarters in Ried im Innkreis are heated from the geothermal network. Fischer relies on biomass for ski production. Our waste management concept includes, in addition to the first step of waste avoidance, the part of recycling (plastic and aluminium/metal waste) and the thermal recycling of the remaining waste. All water from processes is fed into a circulation system and reused through internal cleaning. Other examples are sustainable lighting systems, speed-controlled motors in production plants and many more.

The "Kaizen" CIP model in particular ensures ongoing process improvements. In terms of social sustainability, Fischer places particular emphasis on health prevention, training and further education of employees and their safety.

Skiing is our Life

We’ve been in the business of ski making since 1924. Since then, our company has developed into one of the leading brands in the sport. We’ve remained a privately owned family business, and we stand behind our products and winter sports with our heart and soul. This is just as true for our ski division as for our newest division, Fischer hockey.

Winter sports means everything to us. We share and understand the passion, commitment and sacrifices of you, our customer. You will find a unique commitment in every product we make. While we may have something for every level of athlete, the true spirit of Fischer lives through the most passionate ones.

Fischer’s vision is to be the athlete’s number one choice through outstanding products, made for everlasting moments and new levels of individual performance. We challenge the status quo to provide you even better solutions in the future.

Our mission is to enable athletes to enjoy their sport and excel to the next level by introducing the most innovative, reliable, and easy to use products. We strive to offer the ultimate customer experience through outstanding service, expertise, passion for sports, and undivided focus. We want to inspire our customers to fall in love with their sport and go beyond their current personal limits.

For us, skiing is not a lifestyle. It’s life.