Tour de Hollenbach


Tour de Hollenbach

In 2022, the Hollenbach family explored 23 cross country ski centers around the state of Vermont, one of the top Nordic destinations in the U.S.A.

The project was dubbed the “Tour de Hollenbach,” an incredible adventure for Jake, Helen, and their son Johannes. In this short video, we catch up with the Hollenbach family as they navigate the fun and challenges of cross-country skiing with a 3-year-old. Jake and Helen made it a positive experience for their son with appropriate gear, groomed trails, and plenty of snacks.

Watch: "Tour de Hollenbach"

Jake Hollenbach is a Fischer Nordic athlete and Nordic expert at the Skirack, a ski & outdoor shop located in Burlington, Vermont. If you'd like to learn more about the Tour de Hollenbach, be sure to read his blog about this experience on Skirack's website.