Poland wins ski flying in Planica

Jakob Wolny (POL), Kamil Stoch (POL, Fischer), Dawid Kubacki and Piotr Zyla (both POL) won the team competition on the ski flying hill in Planica (SLO) ahead of Karl Geiger (GER, Fischer), Constantin Schmid (GER), Richard Freitag and Markus Eisenbichler (both GER, Fischer) and Anze Semenic (SLO), Peter Prevc (SLO, Fischer), Domen Prevc and Timi Zajc (both SLO).

The Poles started with an unusual set-up and sent the not so strong Kamil Stoch into the second group, where the Pole especially in the first round took the decisive advantage on Germany and Poland. After the first round Poland led by 23 points ahead of Slovenia, Germany was 2.5 points behind. In the final, Karl Geiger took the later decisive advantage against Slovenia's Semenic. In the last group just before Ryoyu Kobayahi (JPN) the headwind increased, so that the inrun length had to be shortened by two gates. Nevertheless, his 237 meters were enough to give him a clear advantage over the Austrians Hayböck, Aschenwald, Huber and Kraft (all AUT, Fischer) and thus his team with Yukiya Sato (JPN), Noriaki Kasai, Junshiro Kobayashi (both JPN, Fischer) and Ryoyu Kobayashi to secure fourth place. In the fight for the podium places Markus Eisenbichler presented 246 meters, but had to go deep in his knees at the touchdown. Piotr Zyla could not stand his 242.5 meters without a fault. He had to touch the snow and lost so many points that the lead against Germany and Slovenia shrank to 8 and 24 points.

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