Johannes Thingnes Bø celebrates his eighth win of the season

Johannes Thingnes Bø (NOR, Fischer ***) showed a perfect race in the deserted stadium in Nove Mesto and he won ahead of Quentin Fillon Maillet (FRA, Fischer ***) and his brother Tarjei Bø (NOR, Fischer ***) .

After the Norwegian in Pokljuka and Antholz still complained about motivation problems after the birth of his son, Johannes Thingnes Bø is apparently back in his old shape. In the sprint in Nove Mesto, he also caught the perfect ski, while others complained of declining material. With a perfect shooting in good wind conditions and by far the fastest skiing time, the victory could not be taken from him. Regarding the unusual atmosphere, he said: "It's different in the stadium, but the same on the track. You just try to be as fast as possible and you are cheered by the supervisors. But when you cross the bridge into the stadium, it's absolutely quiet and the pressure is lacking. But it may also help some athletes." Quentin Fillon Maillet was the second fastest skier, 21 seconds slower than Bø - the third fastest Martin Fourcade (FRA) already lost 46 seconds in skiing on the Norwegian. Behind the Frenchman, Tarjei Bø was third, one minute behind, which required a clean shooting. Jakov Fak (SLO, Fischer **) came in fifth, Johannes Dale (NOR, Fischer ***) finished ninth.

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* = Fischer skis

** = Fischer skis and bindings

*** = Fischer skis, bindings and boots