Historical dominance of the Austrian women in team event in Japan

The Austrians Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT, Fischer), Marita Kramer (AUT, Fischer), Chiara Hölzl (AUT, Fischer) and Eva Pinkelnig (AUT) completely dominated the team jumping in Zao (JPN). Second place went to Japan's Yuki Ito (JPN, Fischer), Nozomi Maruyama (JPN), Sara Takanashi (JPN) and Yuka Seto (JPN, Fischer) followed by the Norwegians Anna Odine Strøm (NOR, Fischer), Ingebjørg Saglien Bråten ( NOR, Fischer), Silje Opseth (NOR, Fischer) and Maren Lundby (NOR, Fischer).

This dominance of the Austrian women will written down in the skijumping history books - never a team has dominated a team competition in ski jumping as much as these four girls. Already after two jumps with a light tailwind everything was clear: Daniela Iraschko-Stolz and especially Marita Kramer jumped far away from everyone else with 86.5 meters and 92.5 meters, so that the Austrians were almost 50 points ahead after two jumpers, Chiara Hölzl and Eva Pinkelnig also confirmed their outstanding shape with jumps to 95 and 97.5 meters despite two hatches less inrun length for the currently unbeatable Eva Pinkelnig. At half-time, the quartet led with almost 100 points ahead of Japan, Norway and Russia, which fought very close for the podium places. In the final, Iraschko-Stolz and Kramer initially increased the lead only slightly, Hölzl and Pinkelnig extended the lead to 140 points. As in the first round, the conditions for the last jumpers were better this time, so that the Austrian jumped again with two hatches less and still almost reached the width of Maren Lundby, who jumped the daily best with 98 meters. "Some of us were really, really strong that's also why they won the recent individual competitions. I am very happy to be a part of the team and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's competition. Eva and Chiara and second and third in the overall World Cup and Marita is pretty young and good, so it was easy for us and it's always fun to win as a team", Daniela Iraschko-Stolz said. Nevertheless, Norway finished just third close behind the Japanese. The surprisingly strong Russians Irma Makhinia, Lidiia Yakovleva, Sofia Tikhonova and Irina Avvakumova (all RUS) could not quite match the strong performances of the first round in the final and were fourth, 26 points behind.

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