Do what makes you happy: Teresa Stadlober


Do what makes you happy: Teresa Stadlober

Teresa Stadlober is competing as a solo fighter in the cross-country skiing World Cup, and has found great success. At Beijing, the Austrian made history as her country's first female Olympic medalist in cross-country skiing with her bronze medal in the skiathlon. Her love of skiing was ingrained in her by her parents and has determined her life's path ever since.

When did you start cross-country skiing?

I started cross-country skiing very early. I competed in my first race when I was four years old: the "Mini-Tauernlauf" in Altenmarkt. My mom accompanied me by foot. When I reached the finish line, I got a giant pretzel - I came in last 😊 I didn't care, the pretzel tasted great when I ate it the next day with my friends in playgroup.

What was the biggest breakthrough in your cross-country career?

My breakthrough was triggered in 2013 as junior world champion in skiathlon. But the biggest and most emotional breakthrough was in 2022 at the Beijing Olympics when I won the bronze medal in skiathlon. It was a very emotional day for me, after always being in the top ten at past major events and often just barely missing out on the medal places. In addition, it was the first Austrian medal at the Olympic Games in women's cross-country skiing.

Favorite activity / hobbies?

In my free time I like to do things with friends and I am also a passionate sports viewer.

What are the 3 most important things to know about you?

1. sunscreen 50 is my lifesaver.

2. as a solo fighter and with my mental strength, I think I have come a long way.

3. the 23kg baggage limit when flying is often my final opponent.

Personal quote or motto?

Do what makes you happy and have fun!

Where have you not been yet, where would you like to go?

I have been to Scandinavia many times for races and training camps, but I have never been there privately. To be with friends in a cabin in Scandinavia in spring and do long cross-country skiing tours from there, I imagine that would be nice.

Future goals/projects/dreams/ambitions?

To compete for medals in the upcoming major events and also to take a detour to the Ski Classics such as Vasalauf once or several times.

Who is a mentor or role model for you?

I definitely see my parents as role models: determined as athletes with hands-on mentality in their professional lives and courageous to take on new tasks at the age of almost 60.

What advice would you give a young athlete?

Set goals, but be patient and enjoy doing it.

What does #livetoski mean to you?

#livetoski describes not only the Fischer company, but also my life quite well. I practically grew up on skis thanks to my mom as an Alpine skier and my dad as a cross-country skier. At the age of 2 on Alpine skis, then a short time later cross-country skis and active in races for 25 years.

How would you characterize the Fischer brand?

Fischer is an Austrian family business where tradition and innovation are important. Fischer lives and breathes mass sports and loves racing. Just as we athletes work hard on ourselves every day to get better, Fischer works hard every day to make our equipment faster. Fischer stands for success, family, and craftsmanship.