Thibault Anselmet



Thibault Anselmet is Overall Worldcup Champion in Ski Mountaineering

The French ski mountaineering ace secured as well the overall worldcup title in Tromsø, as three podiums in the overall discipline rankings Individual, Vertical and Sprint.

We are thrilled to announce that French Fischer athlete Thibault Anselmet has secured the overall World Cup title in ski mountaineering in Tromsø, Norway. Anselmet's impressive performance throughout the season, as well as in the sprint races, the individual races as in the vertical races secured his position as one of the top skiers in the world. This makes Anselmet the first Fischer athlete to win the highly prestigious overall World Cup and also the first non-Italian in over 9 years, after two seasons ending in 2nd place overall.

Anselmet, who has been consistently performing at the top level throughout the season, showed tremendous skill and determination in each of the races. He finished in the overall top three in all three disciplines, showcasing his versatility and strength in different disciplines of the sport.

Anselmet's success in Tromsø cements his position as one of the top skimo athletes in the world, and we are confident that he will continue to impress in the future.

Congratulations, Thibualt. That was an impressive season!

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