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The Curv


Think of a hard, freshly groomed slope in the morning. Like wheels on rails. Pure adrenaline, total power and full concentration – in every turn. The snow crunches, the edges burn – "THE PERFECT CURV".

But what is the perfect curve? What makes it stand out and how do skis have to be designed to experience perfect curve performance? These were the questions our three skiing legends Hans Knauss, Mike von Grüningen and Kristian Ghedina had in mind when developing the CURV.

Pure adrenalin for uncompromising skiers!

Extremely close to the professional equipment from the World Cup but still suitable for the slopes. THE CURV makes extreme performance manageable with a high-quality technology package: Triple Radius enables previously unattained dynamic turns, the Progressive Sidecut concept means the ski has the optimum dimensions for the preferred skiing style and the DiagotexTM carbon laminate which is known from racing makes sure that torsion is perfect every time when cornering. The two-section Curv Booster plate makes cornering extremely quick and ensures optimum power transfer. This makes every turn simply breathtaking!


Efficient Forward

Efficient kick

Full concentration on the snow-covered winter landscape instead of the kick action! Because Efficient Forward technology compensates any errors and flaws in the kick action effectively. The new elasticity of the ski supports the interaction of the climbing zone and the snow beneath it in a previously unknown form. The result: the timing of the kick action does not have to be so exact, leaving you more time for the contact in the kick phase. This ensures that power is transferred to the track in impressive style, even if your own skiing style is not world championship level. This positive feedback from the equipment is a great motivator when it comes to having fun with healthy exercise while enjoying the great outdoors!


Enjoying the perfect skiing experience has never been as easy as it is today: which comes as no surprise, seeing as the weight saved by the new construction compared to the previous model is up to 200 grams. The combination of this light weight and the elasticity of the ski culminates in the whole new, forgiving kick action and carefree cross country skiing experience. This will be appreciated above all by skiers who are not so technically accomplished. A word of warning: with Efficient Forward, Fischer has given its Sport models a technology package which can become addictive!