Thibault Anselmet



Thibault Anselmet defends the Overall Skimo World Cup title

The Overall World Cup winner for the second time in a row, as well as overall winner of the Sprint World Cup round up another remarkable season of the Frenchman Thibault Anselmet.

In the current Skimo season, Thibault Anselmet has once again proven that he is by far the most versatile athlete in the current field of athletes. The proof of this is his second overall World Cup in a row, which he secured with a victory in the sprint in Cortina. Thibault thus wins the overall World Cup with 998 points and a large lead over Maximilien Droin du Chapois (763 points) from Belgium and Remi Bonnet (741 points) from Switzerland. He also won the overall Sprint World Cup with two victories and three further podium finishes.

At the end of this impressive season, Thibault won the Overall World Cup, the Sprint World Cup, 4 World Cup victories (2x sprint, 2x relay), 7 further World Cup podiums (sprint, individual and vertical) and two podiums at the European Championships in Flaine, FRA, in the individual and relay events.
What a season – congratulations, Thibault!

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