Maren Lundby inspired by Adam Malysz

Fit again after her tragic accident on the hill, Maren Lundby (NOR) visited the headquarters of Fischer in Austria and took a look behind the scenes. The two-time overall World Cup winner in ski jumping was impressed by the ski production and talked about her dream of ski flying, about rituals and how she is inspired by Adam Malysz.

First of all: How do you feel after your accident?

I feel fine now. I think I had a lot of luck. I got really scared, but all in all I was lucky to be back at the hill without any injuries.

How did you start with ski jumping?

I have a three years older brother and he started ski jumping when he was five. So the way for me to become a ski jumper was very short: The first year I joined my brother at the hill just watching him. The year after I was also joining him, now with my cross country skis. Then I started to jump with three. Therefore, I was quite early.

Is there a big difference between winning the crystal glob the first and the second time?

I think both times it was a very big “wow” feeling. Every globe has its own memories and the most important thing is to keep these memories alive, because this is what I will remember sometime when I look back. Therefore, I will aim for more of those great memories.

What was the biggest moment so far in your career?

Well, I think the biggest moment was the Olympic Gold in PyeongChang. It was a special situation with all the expectations before. It was my first time to win a gold, even a medal. In addition, it was the Olympics and it has been the goal for very many years.

What was the happiest moment in your career?

The team competition in Seefeld this winter. We knew we had a chance for a medal, but we were outsiders, but then all the girls in the team did an exceptional job and we won the bronze medal, which was really cool.

What is your favorite training?

I think it is definitely ski jumping in winter. When you have a calm winter day in Lillehammer with nice snow conditions, the sun is shining and it is -5°C, that’s perfect.

What is your favorite jumping hill?

That is hard to say. However, Lillehammer in the winter is really nice with the scenery and all the surroundings.

Do you always have the same final preparation before your jumps?

Kind of – I have a ritual, but I have to adjust it depending on how I feel. Sometimes I need some imitations with the coaches and to speak with them. Other times I can just walk in my own world and clear my head.

What is in your head when you are sitting on the bar?

I don’t think the head is empty. But I just keep it simple. As soon as I climb on the bar, I try to just focus on really small tasks to work on in my jump.

What do you like to do on a free weekend?

I like to go for hiking or go to my hometown to be with my family and friends and think on other things than ski jumping. I like to play soccer my friends or watch a soccer game.

Will you choose mountains or the sea for holidays?

I like the mountains, but for holidays, I would choose the sea.

Do you prefer pizza or pasta?

I would take pizza, but second would be pasta.

What about your schedule coming up next?

For the next weeks, we stay home and do some training at the hill and some physical training. Then we will have a camp in Lillehammer on ice in October. Later in October we will go to Zakopane to likewise jump on ice. After that, we just have to wait for the snow.

What is your goal for the next season?

My goal is to take the globe again to win the triple. Adam Malysz so far is the only ski jumper who did this in a row. He is a great role model for me and I want to try to copy him. He is a great person and he inspires me to do the same thing.

Which competition do you look forward to the most?

Actually, that is hard to choose, because there are so many highlights. Of course, I am looking forward to the start in Lillehammer, but also Rawair and Bluebird in the end is a really big motivation.

Would you like to take part at the Ski Flying WCH in Planica?

In the future, I would like to go for ski flying. I am ready, when we are allowed to. And hopefully it will be very soon, but for this year we have not scheduled any ski flying. Therefore, this year I will watch it on TV, but I hope that we will compete very soon.

Good luck for the upcoming season!