Elevate your freestyle game with the new Nightstick's exceptional playfulness and longevity. Whether you're hitting natural features in the backcountry, park and slopestyle or big airs, experience unparalleled responsiveness that effortlessly translate your vision into reality – session after session.

"This ski will definitely
shake up the Freeski market"

Lukas Müllauer, Vice World Champion Big Air

Crafted to play more

Even before the new Fischer Nightstick was presented to the public, it was already making big waves in the freestyle world. This innovative ski was specially developed for playful backcountry action, park and slopestyle. It is incredibly durable and versatile, making it the best choice for those who demand the best from their equipment and have a wide range of ski requirements due to their creativity. The Nightstick has been developed and tested in collaboration with some of the best freestyle athletes in the world and has already won a World Championship silver medal in the prototype phase. All models of the Nightstick are based on a generative design, so each ski is absolutely unique and never exists a second time. Whether you are an experienced freestyler or just starting out, the Nightstick will be your ski of choice.

Incredible Durability

The Nightsticks stand out with their unbeatable durability, thanks to TI reinforced, the incorporation of reinforced titanal technology. The titanal alloy not only enhances the ski's structural integrity but also delivers exceptional resilience on the toughest terrains, especially when hitting the rails, landing a big jump or buttering with full bend.

Here is the unadulterated feedback from runner-up world champion Lukas Müllauer after he tested the Nightstick prototype for the first time:
"The first pair I got has exactly 40 days of park skiing by now! I really want to tell you, this is insane!!! Not even one broken part of the edge! Sidewall is as in good shape as the edge. I have to say that I never in my life as a skier saw a ski edge with 40 days on rails and jumps like this! I guess we can call it difficult to break from now on!"

Limitless Versatility

Whether you're conquering pillows and backcountry features or showcasing your skills on jib lines, big air kickers, rails, and boxes, the Nightstick empowers you with unparalleled adaptability. Meticulously developed in collaboration with world-class freestylers, this ski is your passport to endless creativity and effortless execution, session after session. The Nightstick boasts a stable and durable construction, designed for the most imaginative shredders. Choose the perfect width – 90mm, 97mm, or 104mm – and strap on the ultimate tool that complements your unique style. Unleash your creativity and conquer the slopes with Fischer Nightstick, the all-day freeski designed to bring your freestyle dreams to life.

Generative Design

You can dive even more into individuality with the Fischer Nightstick's groundbreaking generative design, where black, blue, and grey hues converge to create a visual masterpiece. This innovative approach ensures that each ski is a unique work of art, making every rider the sole proprietor of their distinctive style on the slopes. Embrace the exclusivity as you rock a Nightstick that's one-of-a-kind – a canvas of creativity that reflects your personality and your way of skiing. With this design, Fischer not only redefines aesthetics but also champions the idea that every freestyler deserves a ski as exceptional and unique as their own riding prowess. Stand out, be bold, play more and own the mountain with Fischer Nightstick.

Mathilde Gremaud about the new Nightstick

The team

The Fischer Freeski isn't just a new Fischer ski; it's a collaborative masterpiece shaped by the expertise of elite freestyle athletes. Over two years, these skiers – from world-class freestylers to content creators and playful freeride enthusiasts – actively contributed their diverse experiences to the ski's development. Their invaluable insights forged a ski that embodies versatility and excellence. The initial prototype already clinched a silver medal at the world championships in Bakuriani with Lukas Müllauer, AUT. The latest iteration has already triumphed with four World Cup victories, a fifth World Cup podium with a second place and a second place at X Games 2024 secured by the phenomenal Swiss skier Mathilde Gremaud. So this new Nightstick is a true testament to athlete-driven innovation.

This is our Nightstick Freestyle team:
Mathilde Gremaud, SUI
Lukas Müllauer, AUT
Tyler Harding, GBR
Isak Davidsson, SWE
Luca Pichler, AUT
Topi Kuivalainen, FIN
Noah Schallert, AUT
Gustav Johnson, SWE
Juho Saastamoinen, FIN
Julius Forer, AUT
Adelen Linnes Almløv, NOR
Tae Wescott, USA
Nate Micelli, USA
Benjamin Lengger, AUT
Troy Murphy, USA
Jakob Buchmeier, AUT
Owen Nelson, USA

Nightsticks on the World Cup

The Fischer Nightstick ski has proven its mettle in the Freestyle World Cup, showcasing exceptional performance both as a prototype and a final product. Lukas Müllauer (AUT), Vice World Champion, has been instrumental in refining the ski's geometry over two years, pushing its limits in the freestyle arena. Above all, Mathilde Gremaud's (SUI) stellar season, with three victories and a fourth podium, solidifies the Nightstick's status as a top-tier choice and puts the spotlight on this novelty. But other seasoned World Cup pros such as Tyler Harding (GBR) and Isak Davidsson (SWE), as well as the young guns from Austria Julius Forer and Noah Schallert, also use the ski at the highest comp level.

For the youngest: The Nightstick Team

Of course, we also have a junior freestyle ski in our range for our youngest park rats and creative freeride kids, the Nightstick Team. Just like its adult siblings, this ski stands above all for its longevity, if we know exactly how you like to let it rip as a junior. But versatility is also required, especially if the youngsters don't yet know exactly whether and what they want to focus on with their Freestyle game. With the Nightstick Team, every kid looks really good, whether in the backcountry, in the park or on the kicker!