Martin Ponsiluoma


  • 1995-03-08
  • Sweden
  • 184 cm
Have fun whatever you do: Martin Ponsiluoma
Have fun whatever you do: Martin Ponsiluoma
Have fun whatever you do: Martin Ponsiluoma


Have fun whatever you do: Martin Ponsiluoma

The directions of biathlete Martin Ponsiluoma were clear at a young age: The Swede wanted to compete in Nordic competitions at the World Cup level as his father did. At the age of 10, Martin discovered the biathlon, and in 2017, he competed in his first World Cup race in Oberhof. The highlight of his career so far came during the 2021 World Championships in Pokljuka, where the friendly Ponsiluoma earned his first World Cup victory. The strong biathlete who is especially strong in skiing describes himself as a sports freak and loves to joke about his weakness for snacks and sweets.


When did you start skiing?

I have been skiing all my life. I guess I got that from my father who competed in the World Cup as a cross country skier.

What was your dream job when you were a child?

From what I remember, I didn’t want to be something special but I really liked to build things. So I guess being a carpenter was something for me when I was young. But I was really interested in different sports early on, fell in love with biathlon, and wanted to become a professional at an early age.

What was the biggest breakthrough in your ski career?

Of course, the gold medal in the sprint at the World Championship in Pokljuka during the 20/21 season. I had already been on the podium in the World Cup before the World Championship, but it was my first time winning a race.

Which is your favorite place to ski and your favorite competition venue?

My favorite place to ski is on the “crust” snow in the Swedish mountains during the spring. It must be sunny with nice weather but that’s absolutely the best skiing. My best competition venue is Antholz. I like most of the venues, but Antholz is special with the high mountains, high altitude, and nice Italian food.

What is your favorite pastime / hobbies?

Paddle tennis has become my favorite hobby on rest days over the last few years. I also like to go fly fishing.

Where have you not been that you want to go to?

Someday I would like to take a road trip through the United States. I think it will be nice to visit many great places there.


What are the top 3 things we should know about you?

I have a weakness for snacks and sweets.

It is hard for me to relax on rest days or holidays, I always want to do something.

I love all kind of sports.

What advice would you give young skiers at the beginning of their competitive career?

I think it’s important to have fun when you train. If not, then it gets hard to motivate yourself to reach the top. It’s a lot of hard work to reach the top but just enjoy. Having fun in the early years is important.

What does #livetoski mean to you?

#livetoski means a lot to me because skiing is the best thing I know. Just put on the skis and go out in the forest with friends or just alone. Enjoy the nature and have a nice time. I’m lucky to get to do that almost every day since it’s my job. I'm sure I'll be skiing all my life and I think I'll enjoy it then as much as I do now!