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Katharina Althaus second-placed in Chaikovsky

Katharina Althaus (GER, Fischer) took second place in the third competition of the Blue Bird Tour. In the Tour ranking Juliane Seyfarth (GER) will be unbeatable tomorrow with a 33-points lead.

After endless postponements due to gusty headwind the competition could finally take place hours later. Already the tial round was cancelled shortly before the end due to the wind, then the competition was postponed again and again. After 90 minutes it was decided to wait additional 2.5 hours to start a new attempt at 6 pm local time. As hoped the wind decreased, but some gusts with strong headwind still caused turbulences for some jumpers. After the first round, four athletes were head-to-head, and at the end those four were also the first four athletes. All of them jumped again Juliane Seyfarth (GER), who has thus won all three jumpings of the Russia Blue Bird Tour. With two jumps on 95 meters Katharina Althaus secured second place. "I am happy to once again share the podium with one of my teammates. Our team seems to be so strong now. I am really excited about the last competition of the season on the big hill tomorrow. I hope we will all have good fun", she said. Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (AUT, Fischer) jumped a few meters too short in the final and thus missed the podium. Just behind her Chiara Hölzl (AUT, Fischer) came in fifth place. Maren Lundby (NOR, Fischer) finished just seventh after jumping 92 meters in both rounds. Anna Odine Strøm (NOR, Fischer) became tenth.

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