The wide allrounder for every occasion

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  • No binding
  • ATTACK 14 MN W/O Brake [A]
    ATTACK 14 MN W/O Brake [A]


The Nightstick 104 is the perfect freestyle ski for playful backcountry action and powder days, without losing its versatility in the park and on the piste. With 104mm width under the binding, this ski will never let you down, no matter how you like to express your creativity and what the condition of the playground is like. The Sandwich Sidewall Construction, Poplar Woodcore, Air Tec, Ti-reinforced, Fiber Tech and Sintered Bases ensure a robust freestyle ski with the best wear characteristics. Make every new day the next best day with the new Nightstick 104.

SW-Sidewall for top quality.

Besides robustness and fine detailing, the Nightstick 104 also boasts traditional merits: Sandwich Sidewall construction combines the wood core with sidewalls in a classic sandwich design. This is what gives the Nightstick 104 the right rebound on kickers.

Every ski has a unique design

You can dive even more into individuality with the Fischer Nightstick's groundbreaking generative design, where black, blue, and grey hues converge to create a visual masterpiece. This innovative approach ensures that each ski is a unique work of art, making every rider the sole proprietor of their distinctive style on the slopes. Embrace the exclusivity as you rock a Nightstick that's one-of-a-kind – a canvas of creativity that reflects your personality and your way of skiing. With this design, Fischer not only redefines aesthetics but also champions the idea that every freestyler deserves a ski as exceptional and unique as their own riding prowess. Stand out, be bold, play more and own the mountain with Fischer Nightstick.

Athlete-driven innovation

The Fischer Freeski isn't just a new Fischer ski; it's a collaborative masterpiece shaped by the expertise of elite freestyle athletes. Over two years, these skiers – from world-class freestylers to content creators and playful freeride enthusiasts – actively contributed their diverse experiences to the ski's development. Their invaluable insights forged a ski that embodies versatility and excellence. The initial prototype already clinched a silver medal at the world championships in Bakuriani with Lukas Müllauer, AUT. The latest iteration has already triumphed with three World Cup victories and a podium secured by the phenomenal Swiss skier Mathilde Gremaud. So this new Nightstick is a true testament to athlete-driven innovation.


Item no. A24424

Ski length (cm)

  • Radius

    19 m

  • Weight

    1900 g



129 mm


104 mm


139 mm


The NIGHTSTICK 104 uses the following technologies:

Air Tec
Air Tec

Una speciale fresatura del rinforzo in titanal permette di ridurre ulteriormente il peso, specialmente nell’Allround. Per ottenere più leggerezza, senza nulla togliere alle prestazioni sciistiche.

Fiber Tech
Fiber Tech

Rete speciale in fibra di vetro con caratteristiche armoniche di curvatura. Lo sci stupisce per l'ottima conduzione delle curve.

Freeski Rocker
Freeski Rocker

The shorter contact length of the ski ensures that turn initiation is easier and requires less effort. Four different types: All Mountain Rocker, Freeski Rocker, Tour Rocker, On Piste Rocker.

Poplar Woodcore
Poplar Woodcore

For a smooth and maneuverable ski.

Sandwich Sidewall Construction
Sandwich Sidewall Construction

Nucleo in legno combinato ai fianchi laterali in ABS in classica costruzione Sandwich, per un flex armonioso e un rebound perfetto.

Sintered Bases
Sintered Bases

Sintered bases have exceptional waxing properties and a very long service life.




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