It is the passion for skiing that drives us forward - in everything we do. Because for us skiing is not a lifestyle, it is our life.

Our vision is to be the first choice for every athlete. With our products, we enable personal best performances and unforgettable moments. Passion and commitment to our sport are the basis for this.

This spirit guides our actions and thus also our communication. With the "Live To Ski" video series we go one step further. We let those people have their say who share Fischer's mentality and passion: our athletes, employees and brand ambassadors. In very emotional moments they enrich our message "Skiing is not a lifestyle. It's Life". 

The two freeriders Sandra Lahnsteiner and Sverre Liliequist and young star Frida Karlsson together with legend Thomas Wassberg and Olympic champion Kikkan Randall as well as Olympian Sadie Bjornsen Maubet, adventure racer Staffan Björklund and cross-country star Johannes Høsflot Klæbo have already made the start and told their very personal story. More episodes will follow ... stay tuned and #livetoski!

Johannes Høsflot Klæbo #livetoski

#livetoski Stories: Lynsey Dyer Part 1

Staffan Björklund #livetoski

Sadie Bjornsen Maubet #livetoski

Kikkan Randall #livetoski

Thomas Wassberg #livetoski

Sandra Lahnsteiner #livetoski

Frida Karlsson und Thomas Wassberg #livetoski

Sverre Liliequist #livetoski