The Fischer Race Departement

Passion, innovation, and experience - the Racing Development Team works day and night to provide athletes with perfect technical conditions at the highest level to contribute to success in the best possible way. Let us take you with us into the world of racing at Fischer.

In racing, it's all about giving everything you have! The passion to push boundaries, make the impossible possible, compete with others, and ultimately win every race is what makes Nordic ski racing so fascinating.

Every fan admires athletes who can prove what they are capable of after investing countless hours of training and making many sacrifices. These racers approach every race, week, and season with breathtaking physical and mental abilities.

Our racing development team works in a similar way. It consists of very experienced, extremely skilled and imaginative people who are among the very best of their kind in their respective fields of skis, boots and other hardware, but also in the racing business in general.

With a mixture of experience, innovation, intuition, creativity, passion, self-sacrifice, and conviction the Fischer's Race Department does everything it can to give athletes the perfect setup and help them achieve their goals in the best possible way.

Close contact with the athletes guarantees that valuable input is translated directly into technological innovations. The impressive World Cup results confirm the success of these developments.

However, the racing technologies are not just reserved for the elite. Under the RACE CODE seal of quality, they can be found in many top products intended for the ambitious sports customer. Because at Fischer, the results of a passion for top performance are not just reserved for professionals.

Off we go into the new 23I24 season!

Our top athletes introduce the different Competition Stages

The World Cup & Ski Classic season is on! For the #FischerRaceFamily, the various stages are the second home. Some of our top athletes take a look behind the scenes, tell us what's special about each location and what to look out for at the competitions.

Janteloppet, Norway

Janteloppet is just around the corner! On one hand, it's the longest race of the season at 100 kilometers and the final of the Ski Classic series for the pros. On the other hand, there is a 20-kilometer race for everyone and one or two attractions await on the course to ensure fun takes center stage alongside the competition. @jantelov1, co-initiator of Janteloppet, knows what he is talking about. ⁠

Race Code Products in Action

Follow our athletes in racing.


Athletes interviews cross-country

Athletes interviews biathlon

Athletes interviews ski jumping & nordic Combined

Johannes Høsflot Klæbo visiting the factory in Ried

Johannes Høsflot Klæbo spent two days together with @fischernordic at the factory in Ried. These two days have been filled with many impressions and new things for him and his service man Frode to learn: “Spending time at the factory and seeing how passionate all the workers are in making good skis me, impressed me a lot. Now I know how much job it takes to make a pair of skis.” Join him during his visit and take a look behind the scenes:

Gerhard Urain Head of Nordic Racing

"Racing stands for daily development. The athletes give everything to be successful. The athletes expect the same commitment from us. That means our goal is to develop better and better equipment to support them in achieving their goals. Thanks to the input of the athletes and service people, combined with our own ideas, a wide variety of things are tested. The products that work best in racing are marked with the RACE CODE and are then sold in sports shops."


The best for the best. Our strictly selected Racing Center Dealers offer an extensive selection of Fischer RACE CODE products. Your Fischer Nordic Racing Center Dealers‘ high level of expertise, extensive product knowledge, and experience in racing make them the ideal partner for all performance-oriented athletes. Providing excellent advice, tests for the best set-up, boot fitting, and racing service, Racing Center dealers leave nothing to chance. They maximize every percent of potential out of your equipment, so you only have to worry about your performance on the tracks.