Our piste skis are divided into three categories: RC4, The Curv and RC One. The sportiest and most aggressive of these product families is the RC4, with technologies directly from the World Cup, designed for firm and prepared slopes. Almost equally sporty is the Curv family, which shares many technologies with the RC4 line, but is designed for all-day use and is more versatile in its use across different slope and snow conditions. The RC One family is the safe alternative for those who want a more leisurely approach and skis that help them improve their technique.


Highly experienced skiers looking for World Cup technology, uncompromising performance, and speed will find it here. The RC4 models provide a unique edge hold and the best performance, making them the ideal choice for avid skiers who demand everything from their equipment. They are specially designed for groomed slopes and hard surfaces and help you maximize your speed.

The Curv

The Curv models are among the most versatile and most loved skis in the Fischer collection. They offer optimal control and stability in changing piste conditions and a sensationally playful skiing feel plus strong edge grip.

Experts here reach for The Curv, advanced skiers choose The Curv DTX and average to good skiers prefer The Curv DTI.

RC One

Everyone who wants to enjoy the day on the mountain without pushing their limits will find what they are looking for in the RC One family, whether they are beginners or experienced skiers. The collection was developed with the aim of making every skier a better skier.

The RC One Lite models are simple, lightweight, comfortable, and sporty. And a good choice for those who only ski occasionally.

With the RC One GT skis have all those great pleasure who want to make the whole mountain unsafe and be prepared for any conditions. The RC One GT models have a very stable construction that provides good grip.