Poland benefits in the wind roulette

The Polish ski jumpers Piotr Zyla (POL), Jakub Wolny (POL), Kamil Stoch (POL, Fischer) and Dawid Kubacki (POL) secured the World Cup victory in team competition in Klingenthal (GER) ahead of the Austrians Philipp Aschenwald, Gregor Schlierenzauer, Michael Hayböck and Stefan Kraft (all AUT, Fischer) and the Japanese team with Yukiya Sato (JPN), Daiki Ito (JPN, Fischer) and the brothers Junshiro and Ryoyu Kobayashi (both JPN).

After the ladies' skijump was delayed, the wind conditions for the men's team event became much worse again and were hardly regular. The wind changed between 4m/s tailwind and 4-6m/s headwind, some jumpers even got the green light with 8m/s headwind. Poland's Piotr Zyla benefited primarily, the shape of him would not have been enough for 145 meters without the strong wind. But Philipp Aschenwald also used the wind for 144.5 meters and was not far behind the Pole - that should be the longest jumps of the day by far. After the first round Poland and Austria separated almost 20 points, all other teams were clearly beaten. In the final, the Poles were able to extend their lead a little thanks to final jumper Dawid Kubacki in a direct duel against Stefan Kraft. "The conditions were quite difficult today, the wind was changing a lot and you definitely needed to have some luck. But it was a really great competition for us with the win. My shape is currently pretty good and hopefully, I'll be able to show my best jumps later during the course of this winter", Kamil Stoch said. Team Japan took third place ahead of Norway with Marius Lindvik (NOR), Thomas Aasen Markeng (NOR, Fischer), Johann Andre Forfang (NOR) and Robert Johansson (NOR) as well as the Slovenians Anze Lanisek (SLO), Anze Semenic (SLO), Timi Zajc (SLO) and Peter Prevc (SLO, Fischer).

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