German jumpers win just ahead of Slovenia

Constantin Schmid (GER), Pius Paschke (GER, Fischer), Stephan Leyhe (GER) and Karl Geiger (GER, Fischer) triumphed in Lahti (FIN) in the second team competition in a row, this time ahead of the Slovenians Cene Prevc (SLO), Timi Zajc (SLO), Peter Prevc (SLO, Fischer) and Anze Lanisek (SLO). Philipp Aschenwald (AUT, Fischer), Stefan Huber (AUT, Fischer), Michael Hayböck (AUT, Fischer) and Stefan Kraft (AUT, Fischer) came in third.

After the Slovenes were significantly behind after Cene Prevc's first jump, the German and Slovenian jumpers then had an exciting duel for the victory: sometimes one team was a hair's breadth ahead, sometimes the other. In the end, Karl Geiger, who had the worst wind in the final, ensured the German victory against Anze Lanisek. Thanks to a great catch up in the final with three victories in their groups, the Austrians came back to five points behind Germany and finished third, 2.5 points behind Slovenia. Team Norway finished fourth ahead of the Japanese Yukiya Sato (JPN), Keiichi Sato (JPN, Fischer), Daiki Ito (JPN, Fischer) and Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN).

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