21st World Cup victory for Stefan Kraft

Stefan Kraft (AUT, Fischer) celebrated his 21st World Cup victory in Lahti (FIN) followed by Karl Geiger (GER, Fischer) who ist having a cold.

With two jumps onto 129.5 meters, Stefan Kraft was able to secure the victory in the rescheduled competition from Ruka (FIN) from early December, which kicked off the Lahti weekend today. With unusually good wind conditions and only a slight tail wind, an exciting competition developed, which the Austrian finally won with almost perfect style points, thereby getting four points on Karl Geiger. In the end, the German took second place after 128.5 and 130.5 meters, exactly five points behind. Kamil Stoch (POL, Fischer) finished fifth. Stefan Huber (AUT, Fischer) was ranked eighth ahead of his team-mates Michael Hayböck (AUT, Fischer) and Philipp Aschenwald (AUT, Fischer).

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