Richard Freitag


  • 14.08.1991
  • Germany
  • 173 cm


Kamil Stoch celebrates home victory with Polish team

At the World Cup kick-off of the ski jumpers in Wisla (POL), the Polish jumpers Piotr Zyla, Jakub Wolny, Dawid Kubacki (all POL) and Kaml Stoch (POL, Fischer) celebrated a home success. Second place went to the German quartet with Karl Geiger, Markus Eisenbichler (both GER, Fischer), Stephan Leyhe (GER) and Richard Freitag (GER, Fischer) ahead of the Austrians Michael Hayböck, Clemens Aigner, Daniel Huber and Stefan Kraft, all of them trust in Fischer ski.

In the first competition of the season, it was expected that there would be a three-way battle between Norway, Germany and the local heroes from Poland, although so far hardly no athlete was able to prove a consistently good shape in all training jumps. After the disqualification of Norway's Robert Johansson (NOR) in the first round, the battle of three turned into a duel, which remained exciting until the last jumper. After three jumpers in the final, the German team had just taken the lead four points before Poland, who had a ten points lead after the first round. The conditions were not easy during the whole competition, the jumpers had to fight with gusts from diagonally behind. Richard Freitag smiled after his first jump: "You just have to jump and hope you catch the right wind." His compatriot Markus Eisenbichler had bad luck in both rounds, but showed great jumps: "I hit the take-off much better than the last few days, but then I got a gust from the side and just tried to stay relaxed." With four points difference, the last two athletes Kamil Stoch and Richard Freitag had to make the decision: The Pole had jump first and showed a first-class jump on 129 meters although he had barely survived the qualification for Sunday the day before. Richard Freitag could not show a performance like Stoch, so that the German team had to be satisfied with second place after his 123.5 meters. Polish head coach Stefan Horngacher was extremely pleased with his team and was a little surprised: "After the day yesterday we did not think we could win here, but today the boys did a great job. Yesterday the conditions were also difficult and Kamil did not had a perfect inrun squat." Third place went to Austria with a clear gap in front of Japanese Junshiro Kobayashi (JPN, Fischer), Taku Takeuchi, Daiki Ito (both JPN, Fischer) and Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN), who were not able to fight for the podium after two crashes in the bumpy outrun.

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