Live to Ski Stories: Lynsey Dyer


Live to Ski Stories: Lynsey Dyer

A new video series looks back at some of the most defining moments of Lynsey Dyer’s professional skiing career and what lies ahead for her in motherhood

From being the first woman on the cover of Freeskier Magazine to creating the first all-women ski movie, Lynsey Dyer has broken through skiing's glass ceiling multiple times. But which influences shaped her in becoming such an influential skier? And how did she continually prove the doubters wrong with nearly everything she’s accomplished?

The first episode of a new three-part series from Fischer Skis looks back at what made Lynsey who she is on snow, and how tackling difficult challenges set her up for the next stage of her life.

Fischer Skis Presents

Live to Ski Stories: Lynsey Dyer Part 1

Starring Lynsey Dyer, Aria Chung, Cadel Carrigan, and Chamberlaine Dyer-Torti

Directed and Edited by Jon Jay

Music Provided by Epidemic Sound

Principal Cinematographer Susie Theis

Additional Cinematography Amon Barker/Après Productions

Principal Photographer Crystal Sagan

Filmed at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort / Bridger-Teton National Forest under special use authorization

Archive footage licensed from Teton Gravity Research and courtesy of Lynsey Dyer