1924 – 1959

The death of company founder Josef Fischer senior in February 1959 marks a turning point in the history of the company. In 1958, the company, run previously under sole ownership, is changed to an open trading company ("OHG"). Josef Fischer senior had been the sole owner prior to this. Turning the company into an OHG means that besides the previous sole owner, his children Josef Fischer junior, Selma Fischer (later Sturmberger) and Erna Kirchtag now have shares in the firm.

How far has the company Josef Fischer senior leaves behind for his heirs come? One figure in particular speaks volumes: in 1959 Fischer produces its one millionth ski. That means that some 500,000 pairs of skis were produced under the leadership of the founder from 1924 until his death.

Fischer produces exactly 69,185 pairs of skis in the 1958/59 financial year: 41,274 layered skis and 27,911 solid skis.

The total turnover of the company amounts to 14.68 million schillings with exports accounting for 33 per cent, i.e. almost five million schillings. The biggest export market is West Germany with sales of over 2.1 million schillings. A profit of 16.14 per cent or just over 3 million schillings after depreciation is recorded in the company's financial statements.

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