Ranger Series

Crafted to ski more

Jack of all trades, master of more: The new All-mountain / Freeride line truly lives up to its name by offering skiers endless opportunities on the mountain. The new Ranger series is the result of Fischer’s ongoing collaboration between athletes and product developers with the aim of making this iconic line of skis even more engaging. The slogan “Crafted to ski more” is the guiding principle.

Extremely versatile

Regardless of conditions, terrain, or skier preferences, the Ranger line generates a stronger desire to ski. Thanks to a completely new geometry, these skis are extremely versatile. They cut through crud, float in powder, and can be trusted in the steepest, harshest conditions. The collection is designed for skiers seeking strong and stable performance in the fall line and those looking for playful and drifty performance. Coming from a brand with ski racing in its DNA, any of the skis in the Ranger series are a blast for carving.

A unique feature of the new Ranger series is the incorporation of individually cut Titanal plates, called Shaped Ti. The narrower the ski, the longer the Titanal insert and the flatter the tail, which supports more fall-line oriented skiers seeking more responsiveness. The wider models, from the Ranger 102 to the 116, increase playfulness thanks to the reduced Titanal along the length of the ski, a larger Flexcut, and increased tail rise. The Flexcut ensures the optimum energy characteristics for each ski, and the clean designs of the new Ranger series underscore the contemporary nature of the skis.

Sustainable materials

The Ranger series was developed with close attention to the construction materials used to reduce environmental impact. Each model has 20-25% recycled steel edges. The top sheets are 50% vegetable oil-based and contain 10% recycled materials, and the bases are made by at least 50% recycled content. The skis feature a zero-waste wood core and the Titanal used contains at least 80% recycled content. All materials used are REACH compliant, and the Austrian production facilities use 60% solar energy.

Ranger Series

The new Ranger colors for season 24I25

New season – new colors. Even though the well-established Ranger ski remains technically the same, we're breathing some new life into the Ranger page by giving the colors an update. A mix of trendy and toned-down colors ensure that there is certainly something for every taste, if you want to stand out or you want to combine the ski with your outfits. The Ranger is therefore not only a technical highlight, but also a visual eye-catcher.

Ranger 116

A Sandwich Sidewall  and poplar/beechwood construction provide top stability in any setting or situation. On top of that, there is Shaped Ti 0.5 and a Freeski Rocker for excellent control in deep snow, optimal ride performance, and one-of-a-kind agility in open terrain.
The wide, but highly maneuverable ski, will make any deep snow skier's heart beat faster in any situation, whether it's on cliff drops or sweeping turns in awesome snow.

Ranger 108

The full potential of the Ranger 108 is on display in deep, fine powder. It was developed for wide-ranging versatility on powder days with stability and maximum control on any descent. Its excellent performance comes from the calibrated Flex Cut and Titanal reinforcement.

Ranger 102

Deep-snow skiers benefit from the wider size, and this ski also has a smooth ride on groomers. Its excellent ride quality comes from a calibrated Flex Cut and Titanal reinforcement exactly where needed. Agile, stable, and easy to steer, the Ranger 102 is the ideal skiing partner for enjoying a wide variety of skiing.

Ranger 96

The integration of Flex Cut and Shaped Ti reinforcement provides impressive edge grip, excellent control, and top ride quality. Drifting is also easy for guaranteed fun on or off groomed slopes. The Ranger 96 is the perfect choice for skiers who want to enjoy every type of skiing.

Ranger 90

Its excellent ride quality comes from a calibrated Flex Cut and Shaped Ti metal reinforcement specific to each length. Easy-steering, progressive responsiveness, and incomparable stability on- or off-piste make this the ideal ski for both carving and powder turns.

Ranger 84

The Ranger 84 is an all-mountain specialist that can carve hard snow and eats up powder. Numerous technical features make this a powerful ski with excellent freeride and all-mountain performance. The excellent ride quality comes from the construction and perfectly tailored design. Easy-steering, progressive responsiveness, and incomparable stability on- or off-piste make this the ideal ski for stepping up tricks and powder turns to the next level.


Easy-steering, progressive responsiveness, and incomparable stability on or off-piste make this the ideal entry-level ski for those first tricks and powder turns. An all-wood core means this ski can grow with you as you develop as a skier and will keep anyone entertained on every slope.

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