Whether you are ski touring on groomed slopes, in open terrain or in the high mountains - in our collection you will find the right equipment for your next adventures.


Classic touring skiers who appreciate easy ascents and solid downhill performance are well covered with an all-round ski from our Transalp line.

The Transalp models offer good floatation and moderate rocker for easier turns on soft snow and a lightweight construction that enables skiers to have enough energy reserves left even after longer and steeper ascents. They are available with are available in waist widths between 75 - 90mm and are the optimal choice for classic ski touring.


Free tourers who prefer the backcountry over groomed slopes, and primarily are looking for descents in deep powder are at home with the Hannibal models. The Fischer Hannibal comes in the waist widths of 96 and 106mm.

An alternative to the Hannibal models are the Ranger models with waist widths between 92 - 102mm. Generally, the wider and heavier the ski, the more enjoyable the descent will be. Those who want an easier ascent, choose a narrower and lighter ski.

Transalp RC

Ski mountaineers who like to go fast and maybe even consider starting a skimo race often opt for a lightweight ski with a very narrow waist. The Fischer Transalp RC is a World Cup proven ski with just 690g and particularly good grip in racing situations. For easy, fast climbs and quick skin transitions, it is the optimal companion.