RC Pro



The Fischer RC PRO series is a true highlight in the Fischer Sports boot segment, not only optically but also in terms of performance and sportiness. Simply slip into them and experience the perfect fit! The boot liner with Active Fit Zones ensures elasticity while the POWER ZONES transfer the power directly to the two-component Power Chassis. Thanks to SOMA-TEC the boots are extremely energy-saving and joint-friendly. The Fischer RC PRO-series ensures an ideal fit with optimum power transfer: the perfect boots for sporty skiers and a guarantee for a perfect fit in all piste conditions!


The new adaptable Walk Sole offers the best possible walkability for Alpine boots:

  • maximum walkability thanks to a rockered sole
  • better grip through the soft profile
  • safety and performance of an Alpine sole

The Walk Sole is a combination of the benefits of the touring standard (ISO 9523) and the Alpine standard. Touring soles offer maximum walkability and a very good grip. Alpine boots with the ISO 5355 standard, on the other hand, have a customary safety standard and allow better power transfer. Our Alpine boots come with Alpine soles as standard, however they can be easily changed over to the Walk Sole accessory.

The Walk Sole complies with ISO 9523 and is compatible with our RC Pro boots.

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