Performance boot with High Volume Last

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The RC ONE 120 impresses with its comfort and performance, thanks to its lightweight and convenient Floating Entry, wide last, and roomy toe area for all-day comfort. Optional VACUUM molding further enhances the fit.

Excellent Walkability

The GripWalk® outsoles are another detail that makes the RC ONE the skier's first choice for comfort and practicality. The special profile paired with a textured rubber sole guarantees easy rolling, optimal grip and thus a comfortable walk on any surface.

Lightweight Shell

The proprietary Fischer VACUUM material used in these shells delivers impressive ski performance and greatly reduces weight, making for an enjoyable ski day. This shell material has a predictable, supportive flex that does not vary much with temperature, enabling you to ski with confidence. VACUUM shells are also incredibly customizable and allow you and your bootfitter to find the perfect fit.


Item no. U09222


  • Stiffness


  • Last

    99 mm

  • Weight (g)

    1840 g

  • Sole length

    295 mm

  • Performance-Level

    Sports Performance HV


The RC ONE 120 VAC GW uses the following technologies:

Floating Entry Flap
Floating Entry Flap

The floating entry mechanism guarantees a very easy entry and exit to the boot at all conditions. It doesn´t matter if the material is cold or if you have a high arch, the instep flap will slide out of the way.

GripWalk® Sole
GripWalk® Sole

The GripWalk® soles (ISO 23223) offer end users the ultimate in natural walking comfort, safety across slippery terrain, and ski performance. This is achieved through pronounced rounded shape and convex rib profile built with co-polymer rubber material. Adult and Children's norm soles are 100% compatible across all boots in the FISCHER range.

Higher Instep
Higher Instep

Higher Instep means more space for the instep of the foot. Step-in and step-out is therefore much easier.

Higher Toebox
Higher Toebox

More space in the toe area means more comfort, more warmth, and a better first fit.


Shells are moldable at 80°C through VACUUM and ZONE FIT process. Dynamic plastic that improves skiing experience, plus greater temperature stability and 15% less weight.