Dave Ryding

United Kingdom

  • 1986-12-05
  • United Kingdom
Kitzbühel is yellow!
Kitzbühel is yellow!
Kitzbühel is yellow!
Kitzbühel is yellow!
Kitzbühel is yellow!
Kitzbühel is yellow!


Kitzbühel is yellow!

The famous Ganslernhang in Kitzbühel stays a good hill for the #fischerracefamily. Another double podium, just like last year, with Kristoffer Jakobsen (SWE) finishing on Rank 2 and Daniel Yule (SUI) finishing on Rank 3. With 5 more athletes in the top 15, the whole Fischer World Cup Squad put in an outstanding performance!

It was easy to see, the Fischer athletes had the perfect setup for the icy hill at the Hahnenkamm classic. Eight athletes with the well known yellow skis made it into the second run, seven ended up in the Top 15. Even the competitors had to admit, that was a sensational performance by the #fischerracefamily.

“My goal is just to make the finish line today" Kristoffer Jakobsen (SWE) said between the first and the second run. And we all know that if Jakobsen makes it to the finish line, this will result in a good rank. The Swede with one of the fastest turns in the World Cup circus uses to ski fast but to struggle with bringing his runs home so far. But not in Kitzbühel.

Jakobsen shocked the crowd at Ganslernhang with an extraordinary first run that made him the leader for the second run. And this time, the Swede was able to bring it home! He played super safe as the last rider of the day and with lots of pressure on his shoulders and ended up on Rank 2 behind the German winner Linus Strasser.

Mr. Kitzbühel has struck again! After his win in Kitzbühel last year, Swiss specialist for icy conditions confirmed his connection to the Ganslernhang with another podium. Rank 2 after the first run and Rank 3 in the end marked his first podium of this season!

What a second run by Dave Ryding! As with Daniel Yule, you can call Ryding a Kitzbühel specialist as well. And he showed it once again! "I played it safe, I will attack in the second run" is what Dave said to us in the team area after his first run. And he made his words reality, ending up with another Top 5 result.

Dominik Rascher (AUT) continues his extraordinary season, showing another super solid performance on the Ganslernhang. In the end another Top 10 result for the Austrian with ending up on Rank 7.

A new career personal best for the young Brit Billy Major with Rank 13 and being one of three Brits in the Top 20!

Finally back with a result: AJ Ginnis! After being a bit unfortunate the last races with DNFs in three of the four first races of the season, the Greek is finally back in the points with Rank 14 and some important World Cup Points.

Dave Ryding uses

RC4 Podium RD 150