Secret weapon for racers

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Thanks to its unrivalled low weight of 580 grams (161 cm) the Verticalp is the ultimate in the tour racing scene. Extreme torsional stability through Full Carbon Layer and Aeroshape. With its highlight, the Weight Tuning System, swing weight and balance canbe adapted. Now with a yellow base.

Because every second counts - Weight Tuning System

Weight elements can be individually added and removed to get the best setting in terms of weight, swingweight and balance point for the user.

Perfectly encased with the Full Carbon Jacket

The new carbon structure gives you an even better balance of flex and torsion. See it and feel it: the enhanced looks and a considerable reduction in weight compared to existing carbon structures.

AIR TEC Ti: light weight without compromises

The Air Tec wood core has been given an elaborate, offset milled structure which, on the one hand, makes the core 25% lighter and, on the other hand maintains the outstanding ski performance: the outstanding flex and torsion remain the same.


Item no. A23017

Ski length (cm)

  • Radius


  • Weight (g)

    580 g


The Verticalp uses the following technologies:


Special lightweight design for extreme torsional stability.

Air Tec Ti
Air Tec Ti

The weight of the wood core is reduced by 25%, without losing flex or torsional stability. This is possible because of the special milling pattern. Improved stability by titanium reinforcement.


Special Carbon Stringers ensure that weight is kept sensationally low with balanced flex and an optimized weight-torsion ratio.

Sandwich Construction
Sandwich Construction

Laminated construction with a wooden core and sidewalls to support the edges for highest stability, strength and durability.

Sintered Bases
Sintered Bases

Sintered bases have exceptional waxing properties and a very long service life.


The shorter contact length of the ski ensures that turn initiation is easier and requires less effort.

Weight Tuning System
Weight Tuning System

Weight elements can be individually added and removed to get the best setting in terms of weight, swing weight and balance point for the user.




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