Twin Skin Care


When using the skin ski it is quite normal for the skin strips to pick up particles of dirt or wax from the track and become soiled over time. This results in reduced gliding properties and the risk of snow sticking. A certain amount of skin ski care will help here and guarantees you more fun in the differing snow conditions.

In order to increase the gliding properties and prevent snow from sticking we recommend you use commercially available glide wax blocks or solvent-free liquid waxes. In both cases it is advisable to rub on/apply the wax from the front to the rear of the skin strips and then brush it out with a plastic brush using as little pressure as possible, likewise from the front to the rear.

Care must be taken when using solvent-based liquid waxes. These skin waxes must be applied very sparingly using absorbent cloths (see pictures), as the skin adhesive may dissolve if too much wax is used. This also applies to the use of commercially available wax removers for the cleaning of skins.