Preparing of climbing zone

Preparing of climbing zone

Extensive care and preparation is necessary to achieve ideal gliding properties and extend the service life of the cross country skis.

These vary according to the specific demands placed upon the ski. An ambitious skier and an athlete who orientates his performance through racing will expect the highest standards to be fulfilled. The ski must be well-prepared and cared for.

When preparing the skis you should ensure there is enough light and that the ski is fixed securely in a clamping device (wax stand). The room in which you prepare the skis should be normal room temperature and well ventilated, as a cold ski cannot absorb so much wax.

The zone which was measured in the sports shop with Fischer Test Board or Selection Board should be roughened using sandpaper (Grain 100) in the direction of travel in order to achieve a long-lasting, optimal wax adhesion.

The dry wax can be applied to the climbing zone in 4 to 6 layers and corked between each layer.

When using klister it should be applied in a fishbone pattern to the left and right of the middle channel and then evenly spread using the ball of the hand or a Wax cork.