RS9 GW SLR Brake 78 [H]

RS9 GW SLR Brake 78 [H]

The RS9 GW SLR binding is especially light and user-friendly without compromising safety standards. Equipped with the SX LITE Toe and Heel as well as its improved kinematics for better stability and power transmission, this binding features state-of-the-art technology.

RS9 GW SLR Brake 78 [H]



  • Art.Nr. T41018
  • Z-DIN 2,5 - 9
  • Brake SL Brake LR 78 [H]
  • Brake code H
  • Min Boot sole length 199
  • Max Boot sole length 347
  • Toe AFD AFS_GW
  • Weight 1420



Four rollers and glide inserts optimise flexibility and release characteristics of the binding.