Winning streak of Maren Lundby was stopped

Maren Lundby (NOR, Fischer) made another posium result at the World Cup in Ljubno (SLO), but her winning streak is broken.

In adverse conditions with light rain and gusty headwind, after delayed start there were again and again several wind breaks, so that the competition ended almost three hours after the original start time. Especially the first round stretched out in the length and a portion of luck belonged to both rounds. Maren Lundby had the luck not really on her side today, she even had more tailwind than headwind in the first round and came to 82.5 meters. In the final she had like the other top jumper very strong headwind, which also had to be mastered. With her jump, she regained points, but it was not enough to prevent Sara Takanashi's (JPN) first win of the season. Lara Malsiner (ITA, Fischer) finished seventh ahead of Alexandra Kustova (RUS, Fischer), who jumped to third place in the first round in a very good wind. However, in the final she was not so lucky and immediately after the take-off she was caught by heavy gusts, so she had to land her jump early, but nevertheless at least in eighth. Katharina Althaus (GER, Fischer) had bad luck with the wind in both rounds, so that more than 10th place was not possible.

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