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SKILETICS® to get in shape - get on track

Winter is here and it’s time to start thinking about how you can benefit most from the days you spend on the snow. Get more fit than you’ve ever been with the Fischer SKILETICS® total body fitness program. Fischer offers you free training plans that have been developed together with top athletes and their trainers to get you into shape.

There’s no other sport where you work as many muscle groups as you do with Nordic skiing. Whether it’s Skating or Classic technique, the legs, arms, and core muscles are toned through flowing, easy movements. Fischer knows what makes today’s athletes successful: They train indoors when they have to, but whenever at all possible, they train outdoors on snow.


Fischer shares this know-how through SKILETICS®, the modern way to put variety into your strength and conditioning training, improve your overall fitness, and to refine your Nordic skiing technique. Challenge yourself with preseason calisthenic and rollerski training plans to get yourself fit for winter, and use on-snow ski training plans to improve your strength and conditioning during the season.

There’s something for everyone. Demanding workouts will help hardcore Nordic skiers reach that next level of fitness and performance. And beginners will be amazed at how fast, strong, and smooth they feel on their skis after completing a SKILETICS® training plan which has been developed specifically for them. Fischer is the world’s leading manufacturer of Nordic skiing equipment. So, let the professionals guide you to a new level of innovative fitness training with SKILETICS®.


Many of the workouts will also be interesting for athletes who have no prior experience on Nordic skis. Now there are no more excuses about getting into shape. Take a look at www.skiletics.com, where training plans and coaching clips for your SKILETICS® workout are free to download.

To get in shape - get on track