Kamil Stoch triumphs in difficult wind conditions

Kamil Stoch (POL, Fischer) was unstoppable even in difficult wind conditions and won by a clear margin at the World Cup in Lahti (FIN).

The wind made it difficult for the athletes in the afternoon, where the wind had increased significantly after dark. For the most part, the gusty crosswind was kept off by the wind net, but nevertheless the gusts caused problems in many jumps. Only Kamil Stoch was obvoiusly not bothered by the conditions and jumped in the first round with 132.5 meters all of them. In the final, he was able to extend his lead significantly, because there were many position changes behind him. Stefan Kraft (AUT, Fischer) still missed the podium in fourth, because in the final in bad wind no more than 120 meters was possible. One of the unlucky fellows in the first round was Karl Geiger (GER, Fischer), who was by far the best German in team competition yesterday. Today, he started in the final of a catch-up race from 16th place, which led him to sixth place. Kilian Peier (SUI, Fischer) twice jumped 122.5 meters and finished eighth, although he had to jump in the first round in very bad wind.

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