Graabak/Riiber win team sprint in Nordic combined

Jørgen Graabak (NOR, Fischer ***) and Jarl Magnus Riiber (NOR, Fischer ***) are the winners of the Nordic combined team sprint in Val di Fiemme (ITA). Second place went to Fabian Rießle (GER) and Vinzenz Geiger (GER, Fischer ***) ahead of Lukas Greiderer (AUT) and Martin Fritz (AUT, Fischer ***).

After jumping on the normal hill in Val di Fiemme, where the athletes had to cope with the tailwind again, the overall World Cup leader Jarl Magnus Riiber struggled with his 102.5 meters. The perfectionist always wants to be the best jumper, but this time the Japanese Ryota Yamamota (JPN, Fischer ***) and Akito Watabe (JPN, Fischer ***) as well as Martin Fritz with 103.5 and 103 meters respectively, reached a slightly better distance. Nevertheless, Japan and Norway went into the cross-country race over six laps of 1.5 kilometers almost at the same time. The Japanese had to tear down after the first lap and later took ninth place. At the front it was a lonely race for Jørgen Graabak and Jarl Magnus Riiber, in which both set a high pace so that the pursuers could not catch up. In the group of four, initially Norway II lost the connection at the high speed, which was also ensured by Fabian Rießle and Vinzenz Geiger. After Jarl Riiber had demonstratively looked around for the pursuers on the home straight, a three-way battle took place on the home straight between Germany and both Austrian teams, who, however, impeded each other. Second place went safely to Vinzenz Geiger, followed by Austria II with Lukas Greiderer and Martin Fritz and Austria I with F-J Rehrl (AUT) and the angry Lukas Klapfer (AUT). Behind Norway II with Espen Bjørnstad (NOR, Fischer ***) and Jens Lurås Oftebro (NOR, Fischer ***) the Finns Ilkka Herola (FIN, Fischer ***) and Eero Hirvonen (FIN) stormed from twelve to six.

=> HS104/2x7,5km Teamsprint Val di Fiemme (ITA)

* = Fischer skis

** = Fischer skis and bindings

*** = Fischer skis, bindings and boots