Get ready for First on First 2020

Taking the very first lift on New Year’s Day takes a special kind of commitment. For Fischer, it is the perfect time and place to reward those who share their dedication and attitude. Dozens of skiers from all over the world, much to their surprise, will find themselves joining the Fischer Team on 1st of January 2020.

As a company, Fischer has always been on the more serious side, building serious skis for serious skiers. And while they’ll keep doing exactly that, this initiative opens up a whole new approach: Now it’s not only about your abilities as a skier, but also your attitude towards skiing. Fischer wants to acknowledge the sacrifices you make to get in that perfect run, or to make that first track.

On January 1st, 2020, dozens of skiers worldwide will be celebrated for their commitment. In 13 ski resorts spread over 11 countries, the first skiers of the day will receive a new pair of Fischer skis of their choice. As the newest members of the Fischer team, 2020 has a lot more in store for them.