AJ Ginnis writes history! Again.


AJ Ginnis writes history! Again.

AJ Ginnis once again surprises all the spectators in Courchevel!

Well, AJ Ginnis knows how to write history. Two weeks after he achieved the first ever World Cup podium for a greek skier in Chamonix, he again performed for the books. This time in Courchevel and this story is at least as sensational as his race in Chamonix.

With his silver medal in the final men's slalom, AJ becomes the first Greek ever to win a medal in the World Championships of a winter sport.
It's not just the result, but the way AJ performs and how likeable he is that gets people excited.

But to start with the race:
The Greek with American roots started only with Bib 24 into the last event of the fabulous Alpine World Championships in Courchevel & Meribel. And so the atmosphere in the arena got heated when the 2 suddenly appeared on the leaderboard at the finish. And that with only 13 hundreds behind the leader of the first run, Manuel Feller (AUT).

All of us have seen his outstanding performance in Chamonix but no-one would have expected, that he again will be come up with such a performance again. So the anticipation was high before the second run, but AJ Ginnis always looked very calm and concentrated. Henrik Kristoffersen showed an incredible run after finishing only 16th in the first run. Foss-Solevaag (NOR), Strasser (GER) and Braathen (NOR) stumbled and then it was time to make history.

AJ conjured up a commanding run on the slope and left no stone unturned, as if he were an experienced slalom athlete who regularly lands on the podium. At the finish again the 2 appeared and even then the jubilation was already great, because the bronze medal was thus secured for him. When Feller then also could not bring his performance to the finish and ended up in seventh place, the silver medal was no longer to be taken away from the Greek cannonball. So the final standings said Gold for Kristoffersen (NOR), Silver for AJ Ginnis (GRE) and Bronze for Alex Vinatzer (ITA).

Watching AJ in the finish area was a joy and also the interviews after the race showed what an incredibly cool guy he is. Unfortunately, he didn't have much time to celebrate this victory. Because already on Monday at 6 o'clock in the morning his flight left to the USA, for the World Cup races scheduled there. You don't have to understand this decision of the FIS, but we hope AJ will get the opportunity to celebrate his victory. Because he deserves a huge part, congratulations AJ.

You have inspired us all!