Fischer ONE | TWO

Make skiing more enjoyable.

FISCHER ONE and FISCHER TWO have the clear goal of making skiing a more enjoyable and fun experience for the youngest of skiers and their families.

Many parents have experienced how much effort it takes to pass their own passion for skiing on to their kids. It starts with getting the kids ready for the hill, and the most difficult part is often getting ski boots on.

Traditionally, kids’ ski boots have been miniaturized versions of adult constructions, resulting in boots that are too heavy, stiff, and difficult for little ones to handle. With the FISCHER ONE and FISCHER TWO, we challenged the status quo and set out to reinvent the way ski boots are engineered for the next generation of skiers.

FISCHER ONE and FISCHER TWO are easy and intuitive to put on, thanks to a unique wide-open entry design and closure systems that are kid-tested and parent-approved.

The shell of the boot was conceived to allow us to carve out weight and reduce material where it is not needed. This makes the boots lighter while still providing the necessary stability to support proper ski technique development. The warm and durable double-layer waterproof gaiter construction, in combination with the newly reshaped liner, protects feet from getting wet and cold.

Additional features that make the new FISCHER ONE and FISCHER TWO the ideal choice for children include the standard mounted GripWalk® soles, left / right shell indicator, and included stickers for customization and naming.

The FISCHER ONE and FISCHER TWO were recognized for their outstanding innovation and design and were recently awarded the prestigious ISPO award 2022.