Higher, harder, steeper, tougher!

This is Transalp+

The Transalp+ will challenge your skills, your confidence and your physical constitution more than any Transalp did before. The well known classic got an update, steps on a whole new level and you can again be part of it.

Are you tough enough to join this journey?

Transalp+ is the ultimative highlight of the touring season. Five days, unique routes, unforgettable experiences, like-minded outdoor enthusiasts, newest gear, lots of snow, skilled and experienced guides, the Transalp tours the last years provided every participant with great memories and every follower with incredible footage. And this year, this even gets better. Longer tours, higher peaks, steeper descents, better snow conditions and more safety due to more flexibility.

And the best thing about this is:
You again have the chance to be a part of this incredible event, including a comprehensive set of equipment by Fischer and the partners of this project and 5 unforgettable days including the best runs you can imagine.


  • Time period:
    27.03. - 01.04.23
  • Application period:
    01.12.22 - 31.01.23
  • Inclusive:
    The whole trip (accommodation, full board, planning, guiding, etc.)
    Extensive equipment by Fischer, Löffler, ESKA, ABS, Löffler and Julbo
  • Accomodation:
    State of the art and winter proof camping vans, provided by Caravaning-Info
  • Planned route:
    The route will be fixed immediately before the tour, depending on the tour suggestions of the community, the snow and the weather conditions.

  • Physical and technical requirements:
    1. Short radius in steep terrain and in different types of snow, even in difficult conditions. A video of a short turn on a black slope would be beneficial, the possibility is included in the application form.
    2. Fitness and touring ability to deal with up to 2.000 vertical meters and tour lengths up to 6 hours.
    3. Alpine experiences: Safe walking with crampons in steep snow, basic knowledge of rope and belaying techniques, independent rapelling over several rope lengths, safe handling of touring equipment and alpine equipment & good knowledge in terms of rescue (search and rescue of buried people)
    4. Tour diary with already completed tours with similar requirements like this Transalp+.

What do you need to do to apply?

The application process for Transalp+ is pretty easy, you just have to check the technical requirements for your skills and experience and then apply by filling out the form and sending it to us. Our guide also asks for a small tour diary, so please add in the appropriate field the most difficult and greatest tours you have done so far. It would be helpful to also send some Instagram or Youtube links to videos with which we can assess ski technique, there will be an extra box for this in our application form.

Your profile meets all the requirements?
Then getting your hands on a tour like this never has been this easy.

Why you should apply for Transalp+

Five days of touring breathtaking routes including all content, equipment, food and accommodation await the lucky winners of our selection process, for free! Here is an overview of what awaits the participants of Transalp+ 2023:

  • 5 days freetouring guided by an experienced mountain guide, including organization, planning, realization and additional equipment if needed. Provided by "Die Bergstation".
  • Accommodation in modern camping vans (provided by Caravaning Info) and full board, including restaurants and meals in the camping vans
  • Full equipment provided by Fischer to keep after the tour, including touring skis, skins, boots and poles by One Way.
  • Additional equipment provided by our partners, to keep after the tour. You'll get the latest airbag backpack from ABS, the A.LIGHT TOUR, a set of gloves and neck warmers by ESKA, goggles by Julbo and a comprehensive Skitouring outfit by LÖFFLER.

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FISCHER Transalp 2022

For six participants who were successful in the application process, the adventure of a lifetime will soon begin. Together with the experienced Transalp crew, they will set out to cross the Alps on touring skis and enjoy the most beautiful descents. How they fare, you will find out daily from April 4 here.

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FISCHER Transalp 2020

10 years Fischer Transalp: On Monday, March 02, the Fischer Transalp Crew set out for the tenth time to cross the Alps on touring skis. The anniversary tour led the six participants from Sella Nevea (ITA) in six stages through the Southern Alps to Kartitsch (AUT).

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This project is supported by ABS, ESKA, Löffler,
Julbo and Caravaning Info

Make sure to visit ABS when it comes to reliable and high quality airbag backpacks with TwinBag system, check the ESKA products when you don't want to end up in the snow with cold hands, think of Löffler when it comes to performance ski and outerwear, the goggles and glasses of Julbo are incredibly good and last but not least, check the offer of caravaning-info in case you want to spend your vacation flexible and not in overcrowded hotels. The brand new camping vans they offer enable you to enjoy nature as you have never done before.

Transalp+ will be planned and guided by the very experienced and highly trained guides from Die Bergstation. In case you need a guide for your next adventure, keep them in mind!

Thanks to Caravaning-Info, ABS, ESKA, Löffler, Julbo and Die Bergstation for supporting this years Transalp+.

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