The first choice of champions.

If anyone wants to know what the first choice of champions is when it comes to skis, they just need to take a look at any World Cup podium and the answer is clear: the Speedmax 3D. It’s easily recognizable by the yellow gliding sidewall that lets it save those hundredths of seconds which can be decisive for victory. The wide selection of Speedmax 3D models addressing a variety of conditions is getting an additional specialty tool in 21l22: The Speedmax 3D Skate 61K, which is specially constructed for soft conditions and has proven itself successfully in numerous World Cup races, is now available at sport specialty retailers.

As in previous seasons, the variety of surface conditions for Skating is covered by the Speedmax 3D Skate Plus and Speedmax 3D Skate Cold models. The base and grind of the Plus models are specifically intended for use in temperatures of -10°C (14°F) and warmer. Cold models are designed for use in temperatures of -2°C (28°F) and colder. In addition to these, there is from 21l22 season the Speedmax 3D Skate 61K, which is similarly equipped with the World Cup Plus base. This ski construction was specifically developed for soft snow conditions by reducing pressure on the ski tip and tail, which has proven successful in numerous World Cup races.

The Speedmax 3D trademark is its unmistakable yellow gliding sidewall. It’s made of a structured base material which can be prepped with liquid wax, providing a substantial reduction of friction resistance on a Classic track or when edging a Skate ski. A notable increase in speed is the result. All this is further supported by the real heart of all Speedmax 3D models: its unique Cold Base Bonding Technology. The base is protected as it is fit onto the ski by avoiding the combination of heat and pressure. World Cup athletes, along with their support crews, appreciate the improved wax applicability and the grindability of the base this provides - not to mention the maximum speed.