When even waxing experts are unsure what to do, Zero+ with its special roughened base is the ideal solution. Its conditions for application: temperatures around 0°C and warmer. The three-piece construction with two different base types was developed in racing. Fast World Cup Pro base for perfect gliding in all temperature and snow conditions. The ideal second ski when pure classic wax models have to stay in the ski bag due to difficult wax conditions

The climbing zone of the Zero+ skis is already ready for use when delivered. Performance is perfect if the yellow zone of the ski base feels velvety. The fine hair structure must be clearly visible. These hairs are for contact with snow crystals and enable the kick.

These hairs have to be reactivated as follows, depending on wear and use: The yellow zone of the base should be roughened using even, circular movements with middle to light pressure so that a velvety impression develops. Use standard sanding paper (100 grain) which is available in most shops. The proper function of the Classic Zero+ models is dependent on the correct sanding treatment.

The Fischer Easy Anti Ice LF can then be spread on to protect against icing and to prevent the base from becoming dirty too quickly. The fluorinated liquid wax effectively reduces icing in the climbing zone in moist new snow and in changing conditions between moist and dry snow. Just spread it on and let it settle for five minutes before using the ski. This ensures the kick function of the hairs.