Fischer Grant: Coomb's Outdoors

Fischer Grant: Coomb's Outdoor

Coombs Outdoors, hailing from Jackson Hole, Wyo. and named after legendary freeskier and ski mountaineer, Doug Coombs, is founded on the mission to empower “children and youth to reach their full potential through the life-changing power of outdoor recreation.” To do this, the organization uses the stunning scenery and unparalleled access to the wild landscapes of Teton County as the playground and classroom for children from low-income families.


With Fischer Skis’s support, Coombs Outdoors will be continuing an introductory after school Nordic Ski program for its second year—geared toward beginner Nordic skiers in grades 3-5. This program will be offered in partnership with Teton County Parks and recreation and 22 Nordic.

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In a Jackson Hole News and Guide February, 2020 article, program manager Cory Connett notes about the grant’s impact on the local youth community, “They [kids] are learning all these different skills — balance and posture, how to move and turn, without knowing that’s going on,” and continues, “One of the biggest focuses was to take barriers out, to make it more affordable.”


Other programs at Coombs Outdoor run from the K-5 ages through high school and are aimed at engaging and empowering youth through mentorship programs, weekly skiing and snowboarding lessons during the winter, and summer camps that help kids explore their natural surroundings as well as providing opportunities to join in organized sport.


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