Swedes and Norwegians become world champions in cross-country team sprint

Stina Nilsson (SWE, Fischer skis and bindings) and Maja Dahlqvist (SWE) as well as Emil Iversen and Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (both NOR, Fischer skis, bindings and boots) are the new world champions in the team sprint of cross-country skiers. Silver went to Katja Visnar/Anamarija Lampic (both SLO, Fischer skis, bindings and boots) and Gleb Retivykh (RUS, Fischer skis, bindings and boots)/Alexander Bolshunov (RUS), bronze to Ingvid Flugstad Østberg/Maiken Caspersen Falla (both NOR, Fischer skis, bindings and boots) and De Fabiani/Pellegrino (both ITA).

In the final of the ladies, the pace was usually very high, so that gradually one or another team could not follow the pace. Halfway through the race, six teams were still in the lead, and on the last lap four duos fought for the medals. Norway increased their pace with Maiken Caspersen Falla, followed by Maja Dahlqvist and Yulia Belorukova (RUS, Fischer skis, bindings and boots) and Anamarija Lampic, who took the position in front of the Russian, leaving the Russian a small gap after the dowhnhill. The three ladies started in the last climb and the Slovenian attacked, Falla countered. The Slovenian went wide in the last corner, so Falla took the final descent before Dahlqvist. On the home straight, all three fought side by side while the Russian tried to find a spot to overtake. Maja Dahlqvist was able to take advantage of the slipstream and triumphed together with a likewise overjoyed Stina Nilsson. "That feels great", said Maja Dahlqvist happily, adding, "It was very close, but I felt very strong." Stina Nilsson added, "Me too, I like the track very much because it's very fast and you have to stay focused and can not rest. We thought about when to attack and where and that worked well." Silver went to the Slovenians Katja Visnar and Anamarija Lampic, who celebrated the first big success under the guidance of their new coach Ola Vigen Hattestad. Maiken Caspersen Falla was again outsprinted on the final stretch as usual at the start of this season and finished only third together with Ingvild Flugstad Østberg, who was also not so strong today after the exhausting skiathlon. The Russians Natalia Nepryaeva and Yulia Belorukova (both RUS, Fischer skis, bindings and boots) went away empty-handed. Sadie Bjornsen (USA, Fischer skis, bindings and boots) and Jessie Diggins (USA) finished fifth.

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The final of the men was a clearly tactical race, in which after the hand-overs, the pace was usually taken out again. The Russian duo experienced a moment of shock in the penultimate handover when Alexander Bolshunov ran at high speed in the tight transition zone and skied into the skis of his colleague Gleb Retivykh: Bolshunov crashed and obstructed the French, Retivykh stumbled briefly, but then could start in run quickly. As expected, the decision was made only on the last lap, in which the pace was slow at the beginning again. At the top of the climb, the same as in the individual sprint, it came to a standstill again, until Bolshunov completely skied to the outside and started his attack from there. However, he was only able to outsmart very few of his competitors - Lucas Chanavat (FRA, Fischer skis, bindings and boots) on the inside of the bend still had the most problems picking up speed again. Norway, Italy, Sweden, Finland and France took up the chase of the Russian and were quickly back on the descent. Ristomatti Hakola (FIN, Fischer skis, bindings and boots) crashed in fifth place and by the time Chanavat had lost to the medal positions at the latest. Johannes Høsflot Klæbo took the last climb before Alexander Bolshunov, where the Norwegian was again running so fast uphill that he was able to open a gap. Federico Pellegrino (ITA) and Calle Halfvarsson (SWE) fought only for bronze when they touched eachother at the bottom of the final climb. Klæbo was unreachable ahead and took together with Emil Iversen the world championship title. "We worked hard for it, we were very motivated to be fast today, having not been good at skiathlon yesterday. It is very special to win here", said Johannes Høsflot Klæbo and Emil Iversen said: "A huge ballast falls off my shoulders, last time I was not very lucky, but today we were the best." Klæbo added, "Nobody wants to get into the last downhill first, so I gave everything to get ahead and I could enjoy the final straight." Gleb Retivykh and Alexander Bolshunov secured the silver medal ahead of Italy, who prevailed in the final sprint against Oskar Svensson (SWE, Fischer skis and bindings) and Calle Halfvarsson. Richard Jouve (FRA) and Lucas Chanavat finished fifth ahead of Max Hauke/Dominik Baldauf (both AUT, Fischer skis, bindings and boots).

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